Getting Started Using Vine on Twitter

If I’ve said it once, and I have, I’ve said it a thousand times: Video is the future of content on Twitter. A great way to meet this growing content demand is using Vine on Twitter. But how, and why, does this work exactly? There are reasons to be on both Twitter  and Vine, and there are tactics which work to grow both your Vine and Twitter account. We’ll look at them now.

Start using Vine on Twitter

The reasons to use Vine video in your Twitter marketing

With video being watched more and more often on every social platform, Vine’s quick 6 second looping videos are perfect for Twitter’s 140-character-limit attention span. It’s important to make sure that your content matches the audience. Twitter’s audience is used to things be kept short and snappy, and that’s what has made Vine unique!

Here are some other great reasons to incorporate Vine into your online marketing plan as a whole, as well as part of your Twitter marketing.

They’re connected

Twitter profiles are searchable on Vine, and Vine profiles are searchable on Twitter. This means that:

  • One of your Twitter followers can be on Vine, or join it now, and find you there right away. These are easy follows leading to even more brand exposure among people who are already interested in you.
  • One of your Vine followers can be on Twitter, or join it now, and follow you there right away. Again, getting you easy follows for more brand exposure to interested parties.

See? It works both ways. Twitter owns Vine and wants to make it easy for followers on either platform to find people they already follow. Twitter shows off Vine, Vine shows off Twitter, and you reap the benefits of building a following easily on both platforms.

With that, and a few Vine or Twitter followers if you want a boost, you can build a huge audience quickly. Basically, if you’re on one platform, you might as well be on both.

Sharing to both is easy

Vine themselves made this into a very easy to explain tweet, with an incredible Vine video to match:

One screen and you can share your Vine video to Vine, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. The Vine team have worked hard to make sharing Vines easier. I have to say that one screen with one button to push for each platform is about as easy as it gets! This makes growing your Vine and Twitter accounts easier than ever.

Vine has a unique audience

I’m sure by now you’ve figured out at that it’s a younger market which is driving online video. If you’re not the type to believe general hype, that’s fine. Here are the exact stats on Vine users by age in the USA from Statistia:

vine users age group spread

50.2% are 34 or younger! That’s a market segment that either is right now, or will one day, be your customer base no matter your industry.

For comparison’s sake, let’s look at Twitter’s age group spread in the USA using Statistia again:

using vine on twitter for age group

An older group. Here’s the thing: Your Vine followers will one day grow up to be your Twitter followers. Get to them young with your brand message, using the right messaging for Vine, and you could have a lifelong brand loyalist. You just have to take advantage of the different audiences on both Twitter and Vine, which connect at the push of a button.

Linking them is good for branding

We’re all trying to establish a brand identity that is consistent from one platform to the next. With Twitter and Vine so closely linked your job is made easier. The content you have on Vine can also be on Twitter. The hashtags you use on Twitter can also be on Vine. These links are vital to how people will perceive you and are a huge benefit of using Vine on Twitter.

A brand which is working hard on both Twitter and Vine is the NBA. Their entire content plan revolves around video – they’re nothing if you’re not watching games! They take advantage of how Vine is perfect for showing short highlight clips of major events that can be shared easily on Twitter:

First it was a Vine video, then they sent it through their Twitter. It’s helping to brand the NBA, and professional level basketball by having consistent content with a consistent look. It’s also establishing that you can go straight to the NBA on Twitter or Vine to get the latest highlights on all things basketball, rather than relying on secondary reporting like ESPN.

Use Twitter’s ad platform

So you’re on Vine, and succeeding, and you want to take it to the next step …but there isn’t one! Vine has no ad platform for you to push your marketing goals harder. You will need to push tweets which contain your Vine account to advertise your Vine account …so why not already have a successful Twitter account to promote as well?

using twitter ads to promote vine

Let’s say you have a great Vine video which you think speaks to an important aspect of your brand, or who you are as an individual. Yes, you can use our Vine Loops service to push that metric higher, but you will succeed even more if you couple that ad spend with a little bit of money also going to Twitter’s ads.

Using Vine on Twitter, and Twitter with Vine

Ever since Twitter bought Vine, the two platforms have been moved closer and closer together. You, as the savvy Twitter marketer, know that Twitter is better with video. You also, as the savvy Vine marketer, know that the more avenues you have to share your video content, the better off you are.

Connecting these two accounts will help you build both, be great for your branding, and have you well prepared for the video future of Twitter.