Your Strategy When you Buy 1 Million YouTube Views, or Even More!

One of the most challenging things in this world, and pop culture will show you this, is handling incredible success. Look at what enormous fame did to so many pop stars who imploded all because of their success! You want to buy 1 million YouTube views, or even more, but do you know how to handle the Internet notoriety that will come, and how to best use it?

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can harness the notoriety you’ll gain in your industry when you buy 1 million YouTube views, or more, so that you can be as successful as possible.

Buy 1 million YouTube views, or more!

The first decision you have to make in your quest to have a viral video by buying 1 million or more views is to determine exactly which of our services you wish to choose. The three options are:

Each higher service level ups your viral campaign further, and also gives you a little bit more work to do if you truly want to maximize the value of what you’ve purchased. Let’s look at this next.

Before publishing your viral video with 1 million or more bought views

It can be as simple as creating a video, uploading it, buying 1 million YouTube views or more, and walking away. If that’s all the effort you want to put in you can still find success thanks to your existing audience and the power of the incredible social proof you receive from that many views.

To truly maximize the impact of this video, and squeeze out every view, subscriber, and website click possible, here are a few things I recommend you do before you ever upload your clip:

  1. Editing your video: Be sure to use YouTube Annotations to link out to any products you are trying to sell in the video. Keep in mind that these stop the video and open the link in a new tab. Place them in your video where they’ll lead to clicks naturally, such as when the voiceover or host makes a call to action.
  2. Your video ending: Having 1, 2, or 5 million views on YouTube is incredible. The social proof alone is going to seriously increase your profile in your industry. All of the extra attention you receive for this one video needs to be maximized, and that’s what you’ll do with a great video outro. The top priority should be using a YouTube Annotation to subscribe button during a 15 – 20 second ‘outro.’ Next should be links to your social channels, this is another strategy to capture viewers for the long term. Last, link to other videos of your own which also have outros like this.
  3. Pre-launch hype: For the biggest impact possible, you need to hype your new viral video up before it launches. This includes creating social media content. Use screenshots, and short ‘teaser’ clips to make your existing audience aware of the new video before it goes live.

Your video needs to be talked about before anyone even sees it. It won’t take much time or effort as you already have the content, you just need to make little previews of it and build some hype. It will make your launch, and the millions of views to come, all the more believable and impactful.

This is a perfect pre-launch teaser trailer example using Twitter video:

After publishing your YouTube video with 1 million+ purchased views

With all of the above taken care of, it’s time to take your video live. With your video URL published, this is when you’ll be able to make your decision on if you want 1 million, 2 million, or 5 million views. Each option will be applicable to everything you learn here, they just scale the success even higher! Click one of those links, make your decision, and let’s take the next steps:

  1. Social Media: Push your video on every social channel. This is an all-out push for everything possible to happen. Use calls to action which push your followers to share. This is also where a Sponsored Mention add-on with your YouTube views will really come in handy as we expose your video to even more potential viewers on social media.
  2. Website, blog: Embed your video on your website or in a blog post. Every view you get from your entire online audience is important. You can’t neglect a single avenue to truly make the views you purchase stretch as far as possible.
  3. Newsletter: Yep, email marketing is still alive and well! Video is great in emails as it can get people to click out of the email and into the rest of your online marketing, or to stick around a little longer to watch the video and maybe click a link in the newsletter.

The Internet is best used when you’re maximizing your impact across every avenue. You can upload and publish a video to YouTube, use one of our views services, and watch some great things happen. But when you give your video the extra push those purchased views stretch even further. Here’s an example of a social media push from Epic Meal Time:

Continued pushes once goals are met

It depends on the YouTube view level you choose, but our views come over a period of 2 – 8 months depending on the number of views. More views means a longer time to get them. This makes things look natural and leads to higher retention numbers, a smart part of our service!

In that time you can keep busy! Online hype and social proof work best when you take the time to highlight your own success. Create social media content for pushes during key moments in your video’s life:

  1. Say thanks: Create ‘thank you’ social media posts for milestones like 250,000 views, 500,000 views, 750,000 views, etc. You know exactly how many views you’re going to get bare-minimum, so be prepared in advance. Use screenshots and behind the scenes content to make it even more special. You will, of course, share the video again to take advantage of people wanting to watch it purely because it is doing so well!
  2. More content: Launch surrounding content, like blooper reels, interviews with those associated with the video, and other video content where you say thanks. Think of this content as steps being built and leading to the main content, creating even more buzz and activity. Those who have already seen the video will be interested in this too!
  3. Update blog and website: This is where you create a little text, or an image, or whatever works for you, which mentions the success of the video where it’s already posted on your website or blog. This is, again, another way of using your success to get people to watch it.

You are responsible for keeping your momentum truly alive amongst your audience. Each of these 3 steps will help you maintain that momentum and truly push your video into viral territory well beyond the number of views you purchased from us.

Here’s a perfect example from a musician who was so happy to reach 1 million views on YouTube:

Buy 1 million YouTube views the right way

Buying a million or more YouTube views will be huge for your YouTube channel. The social proof, and general interest, that a video with this many views draws is important for any YouTube channel. Be sure to take the right steps:

  1. Before you launch your video.
  2. When you launch your video.
  3. After you launch your video.

With all of this work done in advance, your video will succeed well beyond the number of views you purchase from us. The first step is knowing how many views you want and getting the social proof and attention the service brings, and then putting your plan in action!

Don’t forget that this many views is truly something to celebrate. Creating a video about how many views your video received is also reasonable. Here’s a perfect, and incredibly catchy, example of just that!


Feature image via pincasso / Shutterstock