6 SoundCloud Music Marketing Mistakes to Stop Making

We all know it’s hard enough out there for a musician to get by and make money. It’s even worse when your SoundCloud music marketing is full of common mistakes you may not be aware of.

SoundCloud is a huge opportunity to find new listeners, new collaborators, and even a few record company reps. Let’s identify those common music marketing errors, get your music career back on the right track, and help you be as famous as you can be!

Stop making these SoundCloud music marketing mistakes

1: Your fans don’t like the taste of cut and paste

Your fans are on SoundCloud making comments about their undying love for your music …and the best you can say is ‘k, thx’? Really? SoundCloud is a unique platform where music and social media come together, and the more you focus on the social side the better your young account will perform.

music marketing fan commentsHere’s a fan making a specific comment about a specific aspect of a song. Don’t you think they deserve something a bit more involved? Something as simple as simple as ‘Thanks, Marc’ where you add the person’s name can make all the difference in the world. Take some time every week to just zip through your comments and give your fans that next level social interaction. You never know when you may turn a fan into a Mega Fan who promotes your music for you.

2: Having an inactive account

I know that you’re not recording music non-stop, but you do need to have something kicking around so that you can update your account. It doesn’t have to be a fresh song, it can be:

  • Interviews
  • Outtakes
  • Live songs
  • B sides
  • Remixes
  • Covers

Anything you have around that wasn’t part of an official release is fair game. The point is to keep your momentum going even when you’re in a ‘down’ time in your career cycle.

soundcloud music marketing ideaTo keep his SoundCloud music marketing going during a lull, Ty Dolla $ign shared this song on which he did a guest appearance. It’s not a full new song from him, but it is fresh content for his fans to check out and keep him on their mind.

If you have, unfortunately, been a bit lazy with your account you can get it active and exciting again for your fans really easily. First, get that new track up. Now buy some SoundCloud plays from us to get it moving along. Mention on your social media that you have a new song on your SoundCloud that’s BLOWING UP, maybe add some retweets to it on Twitter, and watch your account come alive again. It’s also smart to do this when you’re getting cranked up for the next album as part of your hype machine!

3: Being a spammer

Stop playing, spammer. We see you. We know what you’re doing and we don’t like it. We don’t like you. We won’t visit your crappy band’s page. Need an example? Here’s one that’s going around right now:

bad soundcloud music marketingThis ‘Wow, this sounds just like @someawfulband’ thing is going around SoundCloud like gonorrhea. It hurts your career, and it’s ruining everyone’s rep. The better approach would be offering real comments and insights that people actually want to read. Look interested and fans and other artists will be interested in you.

4: Not organizing your track names

I know that you didn’t get into music to worry about organization, but I’m sorry to say that it’s going to be an aspect of what you’re doing. This is especially true for those just starting out because you don’t want to fall victim to the ‘is that their name, or the song’s name?’ problem.

The standard naming scheme for music on SoundCloud is:

  • Name of Artist – Name of Song

Your name is the most important because songs come and go. Feel free to add any guest appearances by other artists as ‘Ft. Guest Guy’ after the name of the song. This keeps things organized, even when you put out a track with a bunch of artists who all want a feature on your growing SoundCloud account.

5: Not organizing across the web

I could go on SoundCloud right now and find any number of accounts claiming to be Usher. But which one of them is really him? Well there are clues, especially which one has the astronomica follower count, but a big thing is organization of names across social media.

Match your URL names across social media to let your fans know that they’re on the right account like this:

  • Twitter.com/MyBandisAwesome
  • Instagram.com/MyBandisAwesome
  • Facebook.com/MyBandisAwesome
  • YouTube.com/MyBandisAwesome
  • SoundCloud.com/MyBandisAwesome

This can not only help your fans out when it comes to legitimacy, it can also help your SEO across the entire Internet. This SEO benefit is even bigger when you link all of your accounts in as many ways as possible – and don’t forget about linking to and from your website!

6: Abusing genre keywords

SoundCloud is a very powerful tool for finding new music through search. I find new music I enjoy on it all the time (see below!) by just looking through categories and tags. Unfortunately, some struggling artists see this as a way to poke their nose in where it’s not welcome.

The general rule is to only tag three genres at most for any song. Yes, some of your songs will fit into other categories. That doesn’t mean that you can tag all of your songs with ‘pop’ because your death metal band once did a cover of a Beatles song. Be realistic with your keywords and you won’t alienate a potential fna who isn’t looking for your type of music today.

As always, my favorite track on SoundCloud this week wraps up a SoundCloud article. Here’s Action Bronson on a nice loop with a reggae vibe:


Feature image via rohappy / Shutterstock