The 3 Best Vine Users, and How to be Like Them!

Every social media channel has its stars, and this goes double for channels that feature video like Vine. The best Vine users we’ll look at each offer unique content, and have teachable moments in them that you can use to build your own Vine account. The 3 accounts in question are:

  1. Gerald Andal
  2. Jerry Purpdrank
  3. MLB

What? MLB, the old person’s sport, is using Vine? Yep, and they’re using it better than you. I’m also sure that some people out there with be screaming for King Bach to be included, but I chose to only pick three and I like Jerry Purpdrank more. Sorry/Notsorry!

This diverse range of the best Vine users, including dance, comedy, and sports, shows that Vine has plenty of potential for anyone in any category. Let’s learn from these accounts and start building you up so that the next time I do one of these your name will be amongst them!

Best Vine accounts, and how they work

Best Vine users: Gerald Andal

Your first step is always to have a theme which defines your account. For Gerald, that theme is music, dancing, and animation coming together to form something which is completely his.

Here’s a famous example:

Completely unique, kinda catchy, kinda fun, and a little bit funny too. Gerald started truly growing his account when he started developing these unique ideas. Before you start your Vine account you need to have a plan for offering something that no one else is offering.

Another big help that you’ll need along the way is partners. The early days of YouTube were rife with collaborations between similar accounts, and these early days of Vine are no different. Gerald frequently teams up with Xavier Lopez as they switch back and forth between their two accounts:

The two of them working to build their audiences together grows both of their accounts much faster.

Last, Gerald is not afraid at all to work with random partners and adapting his style to suit them. There was a recent Ninja Turtles theme song he was in, and there was this Vine where he likely got very paid by Coca-Cola:

So, the three things we learn from Gerald are:

  1. Develop a unique idea before you start using Vine.
  2. Work with collaborators who fit your style.
  3. Adapt your video style to work with unusual partners.

Gerald is the most diverse Vine user we’ll look at in this top 3. The core of his channel is what pushes him forward, and working with partners helps him grow his audience …and bank account.

Best Vine users: Jerry Purpdrank

Jerry is a pure comedy channel which also has a bit of a unique angle to it which has helped it grow. Jerry is a sneaker collector, and his best Vines typically end up littered across sneaker collector fan groups on Facebook, shared on Twitter, and in forums:

“Officer, they brand new Js though!” This niche content is how I found Jerry, and it’s how you can be found too. What is it you collect? What is it you are passionate about, and which people love to talk about online? Creating content which plays well in forums and groups can help spread your Vines quickly.

The other thing that Jerry is doing well is continuing to grow. His Vine account has taken off with crazy Vine follower numbers, and millions of loops. He’s famous. So he is using that fame to branch out to a SoundCloud account, and he has started making comedy music videos on YouTube.

Guys, this is very NSFW:

Considering how pretty much all of his best Vine videos incorporate a little hip hop, it’s not surprising to see Jerry trying to get something going in the hip hop game.

What we learned from Jerry is:

  1. A niche market can help blow your videos up faster.
  2. Don’t be afraid to push your fame into other online marketing areas.

There’s no telling how famous Jerry may become as he continues to grow across the video and audio marketing genres.

Best Vine users: Major League Baseball

First, I do know that MLB is at a bit of an advantage when it comes to growing an audience on Vine. They’re one of the biggest sports leagues in the world, with a great website and a huge presence across social media.

They’re just shy of 1 billion loops as of this writing, thanks to them knowing that highlights extend beyond the field:

…And into the San Francisco Bay. That Vine had over 5,000 revines, a pretty impressive number. But that video would have never done so well if the MLB hadn’t worked hard to grow its Vine account in the first place. And where they did this was on Twitter:

Consistent posting of your best Vine videos on Twitter will help grow your Vine account quickly. Add our Twitter retweet service on top and you’ll be sharing your Vine videos to great loop numbers in no time.

There are a million places online to watch MLB highlights. They do feature some great home runs from time to time, and a nasty breaking curve is worth a Vine, but where they shine is by highlighting the highlights which are a bit …unusual:

Settle down, Harper. Geez! What MLB has taught us is:

  1. If you have social media accounts which are popular, use them to push your Vine videos.
  2. Find a niche for your Vine content, don’t just recycle content from somewhere else and expect people to watch the same content all over again on a new platform.

Lastly, let’s see those Blue Jays have at least a winning record this year. 23 – 25? You’re killing me!

Learn to be like the 3 best Vine users

If you’ve learned anything here let it be that Vine is a very diverse place full of opportunities for exposure, fun, fame, and marketing. While the three accounts I looked at come from a wide variety of fields, they all have teachable moments which can apply to any Vine account:

  1. You must have a unique idea to show to people.
  2. Work with other Vine accounts which are like yours to grow together.
  3. Adapt your style to fit in with other accounts, especially those bigger than yours.
  4. Niche markets can help with your account discovery.
  5. Grow into new online marketing venues as you reach your goals on Vine.
  6. Use your already established social media accounts to push your Vine marketing.
  7. Don’t recycle content from other accounts and think it’ll be a hit.

Are you hoping to be the next best Vine user around? Follow these seven pieces of advice, apply them to your account, and one day you might be more popular than these 3 accounts!


Feature image via tsirik / Shutterstock