How to Get Followers on SoundCloud: An Alternative Guide

No, this ‘alternative guide’ isn’t about how to get grungy and wear flannel. This is meant to work as an extension of my previous guide on how to get followers on SoundCloud, which focused more on tactics you could use on SoundCloud itself.

Now I’m going to examine the techniques you can use which are a bit more advanced, but easy enough if you know how to do them right. Alright, rockstar, let’s get you more followers on SoundCloud!

Learn how to get followers on SoundCloud

Everything is branding: Where’s your logo?

All of the best bands had the greatest logos. Some logos came and went with albums, others were iconic pieces of the band’s legacy and are still recognised today. Here are a few of my favorites:

how to get followers on soundcloud band logos

Each of these logos has something about them which conveys a message. You could even show them to someone who doesn’t speak English, and chances are they can associate these images with their band.

Your goal is to get your logo implanted into the minds of people who find you on your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or wherever. This is so you’re no longer ‘that band with the song they heard online one time …what’s their name?’ Instead they have a visual cue which they can identify once they see you on SoundCloud, and will be more likely to remember and follow you.

With these new followers in mind, it’s a good idea to buy a few SoundCloud followers to make sure they don’t dismiss you right away. Music fans will listen to a good song, but getting them to follow you takes an already strong following. You have to look successful to be successful in this, just like nearly every other, industry.

Take advantage of the SoundCloud and Twitter team up

I talked about the SoundCloud and Twitter teaming up back when it first happened. That was back in the beta-testing days when your name pretty much had to be David Guetta to use this feature. Now anyone can take advantage of the fact that your songs can play within Twitter’s API:

It puts the track right there in your Twitter followers’ faces, and it lets them know that you have a SoundCloud account. Getting people aware of where they can find you is the biggest step in how to get followers on SoundCloud.

Use your current social media followers and push them

Every band who has played at least a few bar gigs, or done a couple DJ sets, has some sort of social following. Everything from MySpace to Periscope is fair game. Your goal here is to urge them to visit you on SoundCloud and follow you. Here’s a Twitter example:

Notice the urgency he puts into this message: BE NOTIFIED THE SECOND IT HAPPENS. This is letting your fans know that there’s an advantage to following you on SoundCloud rather than just sticking with your social media account.

Here’s another example from the book of faces where a band took a collaboration (more on those later), a moment which they knew would be HUGE for them, and added a SoundCloud push:

collaboration music example to get follower soundcloud

Honestly, if I worked with Kylie I would just retire. Life = reached never again obtainable heights.

Use calls to action which spread your SoundCloud songs

This ties in perfectly with the point above. Let’s say that you’re sharing your latest song, taking advantage of Twitter and SoundCloud’s team up, and you’re past getting your current followers to find you on SoundCloud. Now what?

Now you need to motivate your fans a little bit to share your music! Whether you’re on Twitter asking for retweets, Facebook asking for shares, or Instagram asking to be regrammed, calls to action matter:

  • Share this new song!
  • Retweet this song if you dig it!
  • Hey, it’s Friday! Let your friends hear this song to start their weekend. #partyupinhere

Any little thing you can say which will push people a little more to share is fair game. Even better, offer some incentives to share:

  • If this gets 200 retweets I’ll release a remix/acoustic version of it next week!
  • Reply and tag a friend below and I’ll personally have a DM conversation with one lucky winner.
  • Free tickets will be given away once this song breaks 100,000 plays.

Each one offers an extra incentive to share, and gives you more chances to widen your reach and get more followers on SoundCloud. This is also makes it the perfect time to add a few Twitter retweets to give it that extra push!

Collaborate with other artists

Collaborations are the big thing in every grassroots movement. It has been going on since the beginning of music with split albums, and small bands ‘opening’ for larger bands. Doing it on SoundCloud is no different from this.

Rappers figured this out a looooooooooong time ago. Why do you think so many artists appear on each other’s tracks as ‘featured’ or ‘guest’ artists? They’re collaborating in an effort to grow both of their fanbases! The next time you see a song title like this think about how it’s a collaboration between two artists who want to help each other:

Rich Homie Quan featuring Fabolous, Ty Dolla $ign, and Dej Loaf. Guess who on this track was getting a leg up on the game? Well, had you ever heard of Dej Loaf before? Me neither.

Ways to go about this include:

  • Making a remix of a more popular band’s song. Share it with them and hope they’ll put it on their account or share it.
  • Approach another band and let them know you’ve learned to play one of their songs. Tell them you want to collab on the song as a special treat to your mutual fans. They don’t have to put much work in as they already know their own song.
  • Record a rough track with a tourmate. You can do this in the tour bus, at rehearsal, at soundcheck, backstage… You can record it in the bathroom for all it matters, just work together and have some fun!

Both of you will see how this helps you both get followers on SoundCloud as you create new and exciting material for your fans to share, while also exposing yourself to a new audience.

Cover a popular song

Everyone is out there searching to hear a new, popular song. Bands have been doing covers for decades in an effort to grow their audience. Every bar band has a cover of a Beatles song, a Led Zeppelin song, and ‘Free Bird’ in their back pocket. They play one of them, everyone in the crowd knows the song, and they get some new fans who will listen to their original material.

On SoundCloud, this can be more of an SEO trick than anything as your goal is to insert yourself into the searches of people looking for the popular song. Just be kind and be sure to say right in the title of the song that it’s a cover!

As I always do here on the Devumi blog when I write about SoundCloud, here’s a bonus track. This one fits the method of how to get followers on SoundCloud which I have just shown you. A cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’ by John Legend, with another tactic added as it’s a collaboration with The Roots:

Feature image via Anna Omelchenko / Shutterstock