The Auto Retweet: Secret Hacks to our Auto Engagements Service

Last year were were proud to introduce our newest, most cutting edge, and perhaps most useful feature of all: Auto Engagements. This service will auto retweet and like each and every single one of your tweets a certain number of timess automatically. All you have to do is tweet what you want, and our service takes care of the rest.

For most users, that’s it. They sign up, get the numbers of retweets and likes they want, and go about their business. But there’s more that you can do with our service, and I’m going to look at some hacks that will improve your Twitter account.

Hacking our Auto retweet service effectively

What good is an Auto retweet anyway?

The first thing you need to understand is why you want an auto retweet service in the first place. The point of our Auto Engagement service is to make your account appear more active than it is. This is vitally important to do after purchasing Twitter followers from us.

An account with 100,000 followers is expected to have a fair number of retweets and likes happening. Be sure to buy enough retweets and likes to look natural for your follower number. Remember that you’re buying retweets and likes so that people will go to your account and see that you’re a popular user, not think that you’re faking it. Always be sure to buy an appropriate number of retweets and likes to match your follower numbers. If you want more retweets and likes, add more followers to look natural first!

Use more calls to action to retweet and like

One of the biggest advantages to using an auto retweet service is how it helps you get more real retweets and likes from your followers. When they see lots of retweets happening they’re more likely to join in. This is a concept called social proof in action, learn more at the link.

With all of these retweets and likes happening on your account don’t be afraid to use a call to action often to encourage more activity. You can try everything from a simple “Please retweet”:

To slightly more complicated versions of “Please retweet if you agree/think so”:

Or the ever popular “Retweet for yes, like for no”:

Each one will help you drive for more real retweets and likes from real users, with a boost from our Auto Engagement service making it all the more appealing for people to respond.

Use single retweets to push for viral content on special tweets

Not only do we offer an auto retweet service on every tweet you send out, but we still have our retweet service for single tweets. You simply send out your tweet, send us the URL, and watch as it’s retweeted as often as you want …and more as real Twitter users will retweet you too!

When you have that one tweet that you want to see go viral, that tweet which is conveying a key piece of information (think specials, product launches, your new book, a bright idea, etc), add a little extra kick with a retweet package for that specific tweet. You’re already looking successful thanks to our Auto Engagements service with regular retweets and likes on your account. Kick those few important tweets into hyperdrive with a boost from our retweets service.

Not only are you going to get more retweets, but you’re also going to be more likely to get more followers from these spikes in retweets. Remember that you’re going to be getting real retweets from real users. Those real users are going to see your viral tweet and want to check out your profile. When they see that you’re always getting retweets and likes they’re going to be much more likely to follow you.

It’s like with Yeezy. He always gets lots of retweets and likes, he’s Yeezus and that’s what Yeezus does. Every now and then, when he’s speaking from the heart and not saying anything crazy, he has that one tweet which just strikes the right note with people and his retweet numbers skyrocket:

When this happens, his follower numbers also see a spike. All of those retweets wind up finding people who haven’t yet followed him. They see how active his account is, and they follow him. Your account can imitate this, on a non-Yeezy level, by having regular retweets and likes from our auto retweet service, with spikes for viral content on occasion.

Draw attention to your success

Speaking of Yeezy, no one quite talks about how successful he is like he does. What’s the meme?

Right, I love you like Kanye loves Kanye. That’s the attitude that you need to build into your Twitter account …at a slightly more reasonable level!

You need to start to master the art of drawing attention to how successful your tweets are, without sounding like you’re bragging. You can do this by simply thanking your followers for their support:

You can state it simply and with some surprise:

You can try being humble about it all:

The lesson here is that taking the time to highlight your success will help bring more success. It sparks interest in your tweets. It gives you another chance for someone to keep scrolling down to see what you’ve succeeded at. I’ll admit that for each of the tweets above I went onto the accounts of those who tweeted these things to see what they did: In short, I’m like EVERY TWITTER USER EVER.

Highlight your successes, push people to check you out, and love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye. This is using your fame to build fame, and it works every time.

Our secret auto retweet hacks are revealed!

These are some of the tactics which we’ve seen some of our customers use to great effect. We see so many people start out by:

  1. Using our Auto Engagements service to make their account look as popular as their follower number would suggest. This is very frequently done by people right after they buy Twitter followers from us.
  2. They then start using more calls to action to push for real retweets and likes, and they get them thanks to social proof.
  3. When they want things to go viral, they supplement their regular auto retweet and like numbers by purchasing additional retweets for specific tweets.
  4. When they have all of this success built up, they make mention of it and show off a little. This pushes more people to check them out to see what’s going on!

These four hacks will surely help your Twitter account take off. Use them often, have great tweets, and you’ll soon be a Twitter marketing expert with more followers than you’ll know what to do with!


Feature image via pathdoc / Shutterstock