How to Get Followers on Twitter: With Famous Examples!

Every new user of the micro-blogging powerhouse is wondering how to get followers on Twitter. The main objective is to have a large audience to speak to, and to get them to do what you want them to. This can be great for brand exposure, for people with a cause on their mind, or for your ego. #RealTalk

While there are few magic buttons you can push to suddenly have tens of thousands of real followers hanging on your every word, there are many shortcuts you can take to get there. This article is going to layout some of those shortcuts for you, and show you how to get followers on Twitter fast. Do this, I’ll be showing you examples from actual famous Twitter users who are showing the techniques I’m talking about!

How to get followers on Twitter: With celebrity examples!

Get your profile right

No one wants to follow an egg. The default Twitter profile picture is the first thing to go. Next, you’ll need a stunning header image, and a description of yourself or brand in the bio. Consider the following point on how you’ll get followers on Twitter with this:

  • A profile image where you look right into the camera with no background works best. You want people to have something they identify with right away, and there’s nothing people identify with faster than another human face.
  • Brand’s can use their logo without any major issues. Be sure to keep it simple as well. Your profile image will be small, especially on mobile. Don’t try to cram all of your spokespeople into it, or your corporate headquarters. The logo on a white background is enough.
  • Your bio is where you’ll sell yourself. Use proper grammar, state the point of your account, and use a ‘follow me!’ call to action.

Here’s the loveable @Devumi gorilla showing you a well put together Twitter profile:

how to get followers on twitter profile image

He’s an example of a mascot working as well for a brand as a logo. Ok, ok. Sorry. He’s not a mascot (he threw a barrel at me in the office when he read the first draft of this. Follow him on Twitter and he’ll be nicer to me), he’s our social media manager.

The tweets are the point!

People go to YouTube for videos, to Facebook for their friend’s updates, and to Twitter for great tweets. Most potential followers are going to come to your account and look at your profile image, then read your bio, then read your most recent tweets. To get that follow you need to:

  • Discuss real subjects and current events, not just what you had for lunch. Discuss your passion projects, keep up on current events, and take a few interesting pictures.
  • Tweet interesting news stories and links. Not everything you ever tweet will be directly from your own brain. Posting stories you find from around the web, and commenting on them, can help your retweets. This is especially true if you break a big story amongst your following.
  • Use a variety of media platforms. Post plain text, GIFs, video, and pictures so that there’s something for everyone.

The most popular brand on Twitter right now is @SamsungMobile. Here are three tweets they sent out, all in a row, that show that a variety of media is key:

That’s a picture, a GIf, and a Twitter native video all in a row!

Boost your numbers quickly for better social proof

You’ve got a great looking profile and you’re tweeting great content. You’re well on your way to getting more followers on Twitter! But there’s one crucial problem: You have LOW social proof! In this context, more social proof means more Twitter followers.

When people find your Twitter account and see that you have a low follower number they’re much less likely to follow you. If you have a high number they’re much more likely to follow you. It’s a real problem for brand new account as they need followers to get followers.

Fortunately for you there’s our Twitter followers service. I’d suggest a quick shot of 5,000 Twitter followers to show that your account is serious. If you’re ever in doubt about whether an account is legit or not, look to the follower account. We know that this has to be Nicki with those 20.2 million followers:

how to get followers on twitter

Start using hashtags

Hashtags are the not so big secret of the Twitter world. Using them, especially trending hashtags, can help you expand your reach very quickly. This is because the hashtag is a link. Once people click on it they can see all the tweets with that hashtag in it.

When a breaking news story is going off, use the hashtag in one of your tweets, give an opinion or thought, and watch your retweets, followers, and favorites grow. Here’s a perfect example from a trending hashtag that’s happening right now:

A three word joke, 43 retweets as of this writing. Not bad for under 30 seconds of work! Learn more about using hashtags as a business here.

Play the follower game

Following people back who follow you is crucial when you first start out. This is because you want to show other new Twitter users that find you that they too can gain a follower once they follow you. There’s a lot of give and take in the Twitter world, and this is part of it. It’s a bit like the two of you saying ‘Hello!’ to one another.

Benefits of following back include:

  • Users can publicly thank you in a tweet for following them. This @mention of your account can result in more followers due to increased exposure.
  • You’ll quickly start growing your understanding of the type of content people tweet. The more you know about Twitter followers and what they enjoy, the better you’ll be a tweeting content they will retweet and help you earn more followers.

The other part of the follower game is knowing when to unfollow someone. Take a look at the list of who you’re following. Start unfollowing anyone who:

  • Never tweets good content. If you can’t remember them, they’re not worth the time.
  • Never tweets at all.
  • Doesn’t follow you back.

These people are wasting your time! You will, of course, want to keep around those influential accounts that are giving you content you want. Beyonce has never followed me but I’ll NEVER unfollow her, so there is room for flexibility here. The rule is to carefully weigh which users are and are not helping you get more followers, and getting rid of the dead weight. This will be very important when you hit the 2,000 accounts followed limit. You can’t go past this until you have 2,000 followers on your own account.

Why is the follower game so important to pay attention to? Because it reflects on what sort of Twitter user you are. Even famous people, like Britney Spears, can get something out of simply clicking ‘Follow.’ How many new followers has Brit received from this Twitter user tweeting this same tpye of message out over and over again?

You may not be thanked 3 years and 4 months after you follow someone, but you can expect more ‘thank you’ tweets for added exposure if you play the follower game right.

Use tactics off Twitter to get more followers

Take a look to your right on this page. What do you see? The live Devumi Twitter account feed? This is a tool that helps us push people who find out (exceptional) blog, or website, and get them on our Twitter account for a follow.

Common tactics used to get followers on Twitter include:

  • Using website Twitter widgets that push people to tweet your content on Twitter.
  • Adding widgets to your website which allow people to follow you from there.
  • Creating graphics for use on your website or blog that are a link to Twitter.
  • Pushing people on other social media platforms to follow you.

Basically, anywhere you have an audience, you have an opportunity to push people to follow you on Twitter.

Lupe Fiasco has a very simple website, but an effective one for gaining Twitter followers. See how he has both a Twitter follower widget along the side, and a ‘click to tweet’ button on all his posts? He has learned how to get Twitter followers the easy way by letting his website do some of his work for him. Look inside the red ovals:

how to get followers on twitter website widget

Feature image via  Gustavo / Shutterstock