How The Diamond Minecart Became the Most Viewed on YouTube over PewDiePie

When it comes to being on YouTube, and being the most viewed on YouTube, you seem to really only have three options:

  1. Be a mega-famous pop star.
  2. Be a child or pet that does something stupid.
  3. Be a ‘Let’s Play’ video gamer with funny commentary.

Right now, the two most famous of all the ‘Let’s Play’ YouTube gamers are The Diamond Minecart and PewDiePie.

For the longest time, PewDiePie was the undisputed King of Youtube gaming. But The Diamond Minecart has surpassed him in total monthly views. Why did this happen? What techniques has The Diamond Minecart used to surpass the much more well established Pewds?

The answer to those question will be found in this article. I’ll be looking at the whole of The Diamond Minecart’s online marketing and contrasting it to where he’s doing better than PewDiePie. The goal is to help you use the best tactics for your personal branding to be the most viewed Youtube channel possible for your content.

Get ready, because there’s going to be some serious, and seriously silly, online video marketing coming up!

Most Viewed on YouTube: The Diamond Minecart beats PewDiePie

First, some clarification. The Diamond Minecart has surpassed PewDiePie in monthly viewership numbers. Pewds still has:

  • More YouTube subscribers: TDM: 7.9 million, Pewds: 39.3 million
  • More total views: TDM: 4.4 billion, Pewds: 10.1 billion
  • More Twitter followers: TDM: 445,000, Pewds: 6.5 million
  • Higher Alexa website rank: TDM: 776,00, Pewds: 44,000
  • A better header image:

Most Viewed on YouTube diamond minecart header image

Most Viewed on YouTube pewdiepie header image

Ok, that last point was subjective! Now as you can see, Pewds has the lead in a number of stats. The one that matters, the most Youtube views (and the YouTube Adsense which comes with it), is now favoring The Diamond Minecart.


Fan Interaction and YouTube engagement

The Diamond Minecart’s greatest strength in being the most viewed on Youtube right now is his incredible community engagement. Take a look through his videos on YouTube. So many marketers make the mistake of thinking that YouTube is purely a video marketing platform. They’re wrong. It’s a social media marketing platform with video. This means that you need to engage with your community as often as possible, and this all starts with the comments.

Let’s compare the numbers of comments for videos of both Pewds (Top) and The Diamond Minecart (Bottom) for videos with similar viewer numbers:

Most Viewed on YouTube comments

Most Viewed on YouTube minecart

Ok, nearly 2,000 more comments when even getting 5,000 is a dream for many. Pretty impressive, and obviously showing an engaged audience. Surely there’s more than one example, right?

Most Viewed on YouTube pewds 2

Most Viewed on YouTube minecart 2

Whoa. Wait. 20 comments? What happened to Pewds there?!? To put it simply, Pewds turned his comments section off because he was so worried about spam and mean comments being left. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that one of the reasons why Pewds started to lose out to The Diamond Minecart in terms of monthly views is because of this. The two do correlate in terms of when he turned comments off and when The Diamond Minecart started to seriously ascend.

This is why it’s so important for you to engage with your community on YouTube. Use our YouTube Likes services even if you need to get things going if you need to. Neglecting the social side of YouTube will kill your momentum and you’ll never grow a community. Pewds realised his mistake and later added comments back:

Don’t make his same mistake. On his videos uploaded when comments were turned off he has gone back and personally responded to comments to get things going again. It may prove to be too little too late. Start engaging with your fans, and get things going with our comment service from above.

The Diamond Minecart pays attention to Playlists and creates stories

Looking at the content strategy of the two, The Diamond Minecart is clearly the champion at creating playlists, and at telling ongoing stories. I wouldn’t knock a good viral video marketing strategy, but there’s something to be said about someone who puts in the work to tell an ongoing story.

The Diamond Minecart has two main characters that feature in his videos: Dr. Trayaurus, and a skeleton dog named Grim. Fans of his shows have been following the adventures of these two as told in the world of Minecraft for years. That builds a loyal audience. Here’s a summary of his ‘life’ so far:

In contrast, The only main character in PewDiePie’s videos is …PewDiePie. His videos are a scattering of him playing games, along with added comedy videos. There’s no real connection from one video to the next besides Pewds cracking wise – but telling jokes isn’t a story.

What this means for your quest to be the most viewed on YouTube is that you need to have a video marketing strategy that is more than one video long. Create a series, or a character, that connects videos together. Our views service can help you get a few videos going and vastly increase your popularity, but what you want is real views from people who are invested in you and your characters.

Think it’s not possible for a brand? I beg to differ. Go watch Terry Crews’ and he ‘Man your Man Could Smell Like’ with Old Spice. Watch Blendtec’s ‘Will it Blend?’ series with their regular host, Tom. Even Angry Birds have their ongoing ‘Piggy Tales’ series.

Compare the two Playlist pages from Pewds on top and Diamond Minecart below:

Most Viewed on YouTube playlist pewds

Most Viewed on YouTube playlist minecart

The Playlists for Pewds are so much shorter. When someone watches a Playlist from The Diamond Minecart he gets views on each of the videos in the Playlist. This adds up when you plan to create stories that work best in a Playlist. Pewds has very few Playlists over ten, while the vast majority of The Diamond Minecart’s are mostly over twenty, with two over two hundred!

Plan for your viral video, definitely. But also plan to make sure you’re creating a long-lasting video marketing channel to truly get somewhere on YouTube.

How Diamond Minecart was the most viewed gamer on YouTube

The last secret as to why The Diamond Minecart had more views on a monthly basis than Pewds had something to do with the indescribable appeal of Minecraft. I’ve never been a fan of the game, but it has a HUGE following. You may not have anything at all to do with Minecraft, but you can learn from the community engagement, and the long term views strategy that were clearly evident in TDM’s strategy.