How to Make Vines that People LOVE to Watch

Ever since it was bought up by Twitter back in 2013, Vine has been taking off at an astronomical pace. In January of this year they claimed to be at around 1.5 billion loops PER DAY. With the platform taking off, more and more people are asking how to make Vines.

With the right content, the right tactics, and the right hashtags you may soon find yourself getting a big chunk of those 1.5 billion Vine loops happening every day. This article is going to give you some tips on how to make Vine videos that people loop over and over again.

How to make Vines that are looped alllllll day

Setting up your Vine account

To start at the beginning for those that are new to Vine marketing, the first thing to do is download the Vine app. It is available on:

Since it’s owned by Twitter you can create your account through your Twitter. No Twitter? No problem! Use your email address.

Once the app is downloaded and you have signed up using one of those options, push the ‘+’ in the top right. This is where you’ll add friends through your email address book, or your Twitter follower list. The Twitter – Vine connection is very important here as having a large Twitter following can lead straight away to a large Vine following.

Last, you can add friends via your email contact list, or invite them to join Vine. It’s always better with friends, am I right?

Study popular Vine users

The surest way how you’ll make Vines that people will watch is to study the Vines of those who are already successful. I will give you a number of tips in this article, but first you need to see for yourself what makes a great Vine.

how to make vines channelsTake the time to view vine videos via categories. They’re on the left hand side and look like the image to the left Popular categories include:

  • Music
  • News
  • Art
  • Politics
  • Comedy

The image to the right is how they look on the Vine homepage right now. The other important areas to check out include ‘Popular Now,’ ‘Playlists,’ and Trending Tags. 

Once you have a few accounts start paying attention to their revine numbers. These are the most crucial numbers to watch as revines are what spread videos further and further for more loops. The better you are at making Vine videos, the better you are at getting revines. Watch those who are already doing this well in the genre of vines you want to create.

In the comedy genre, it’s tough to beat the hilarious Jerry Purpdrank. Give him a follow and learn why he’s laughed his way to over 3.2 billion loops already!

Learn about Vine culture and learn how to make Vines for them

It’s tough to make content for people without understanding them first. Vine isn’t any one particular thing when it comes to who uses it and who watches it. It’s a mix of comedians, artists, and political commentators who all have their own style.

how to make vines trending tagsOverall, however, there are styles that fit best on Vine. The first thing you have to do is think of it as YouTube on a strict Twitter diet. The clips are 6 seconds long at most. The accompanying text is also short and rife with hashtags. This applies to everyone no matter the genre. Sometimes the hashtags are used in the traditional way, to connect topics and conversations, sometimes they’re used purely for comedic effect.

For those looking to get Vines loops pumping right now, few things can beat creating content that fits trending hashtags and topics. If you’re ever out of ideas the Trending Tags box is always there to inspire you. Get your camera ready and start filming!

Contests, contests, contests

Social media in general has trends that you can follow, and one of those trends which translates across all social platforms is contests. There are two ways to go about this depending on who you are and your goals:

  1. Brands can run contests that reward people with their products, services, or dollar off coupons. If the contest involves creating a Vine that mentions your brand, all the better for your exposure.
  2. Individual Vine users can come up with ideas for competitions on their own and challenge other users, or they can find challenges and join in. This is, again, another time to be looking at the trending tags to see what’s going on and what you can join in on.

Pushing for revines when you have a contest is a sure way to make Vine users actually push that revine button, a little call to action never hurt anyone!

When you really want a Vine contest to take off, this is where a Vine loops package from us can really help. A high number of loops will let users know that this vine is worth their 6 seconds. You’ll wind up with more loops, more revines, and maybe even more followers once you purchase a package.

Filming and editing your Vine videos

Now we get to the meat and bones of how to make Vines. As you’d expect, Vine have made it as easy as possible to create videos by building many features into the app.

Recording your Vine

In the upper right hand corner you’ll see a camera button. Push it down to begin filming. Release it to stop filming. Your Vine videos can be anywhere from three to six seconds long.

To keep things real, you’re not allowed to film outside the app and upload it later. Everything takes place in the app itself.

The Vine video filming buttons

Along the bottom of the app screen you’ll see another row of buttons. From left to right you have:

  • The front facing camera button. Use this when you’re filming someone else and want to watch the screen to make sure the video is framed correctly.
  • A grid overlay button so that you can better stabilise the image. This helps when you want to keep things within the frame at a pleasing distance, rather than having them be cut off by the edges.
  • A focus button, because a good video is always an in focus video.
  • The ‘Ghosting’ button for better stop motion videos. It overlays the last frame onto the next one before you take the show so that things line up better, and so that movement looks smoother.
  • Save Draft lets you save up to ten videos at once. This is great for those extra creative days!

Once you’ve made your Vine video, press the arrow you see in the upper right corner. You’ll be able to preview and determine if you need to do a reshoot. You can now press the Edit button to drag and drop multiple clips if this Vine is not one continuous shot. Everything will line up like a timeline so that you can see how it will play.

Posting your vine and sharing

Once it’s all done, hit Save, and then hit the green checkmark that appears at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be taken to the Share screen where you’ll add your caption, location, and channel tag. This is a crucial moment and making a Vine video that gets loops. Make sure your caption:

  • Describes the video and sets it up. You only have 6 seconds, convey extra information in the description that makes the vine even better.
  • Uses either a trending tag, or your own personal tag to connect this vine with other vines. You are limited to six seconds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect longer ideas via hashtags.
  • Has a call to action asking for revines, loops, or shares on other social media platforms. Make a big push for Twitter shares as Vine and Twitter are perfect for each other.

Most comedians use the caption as the setup while the video is the punchline. Nearly anyone can follow this same format in any genre.

Now since Twitter and Vine are so closely linked, you may want to look at what you can do to promote your vine video on Twitter. A retweets package from us is one step as it will spur others to retweet. For another option, try our Sponsored mentions service when you buy any number of Twitter followers to get real influencers tweeting your vine video out. Create a custom message for them to tweet and there’s no telling how well you may do!

Other ways to make Vines soar in popularity

Here are a few rapid fire ideas to help your Vines reach a wider audience:

  • Use an external device to record audio. This can be anything from a microphone to your iPhone’s own earphones. Raising the quality so that people can hear you clearly is important as no one wants watch a Vine with audio that sounds like it’s being filtered through a sock.
  • Invest in a tripod for your phone. This is an absolute must for any sort of stop motion, or if you edit clips together often.
  • Some of the most constantly popular hashtags are #magic, #loop, #AllNaturalVines, and #StopMotion. Use them only when appropriate.
  • Everyone loves a collaboration! If there are other Vine uers in your area, hook up and share each other’s audience by creating Vines together. This can also be a shot in the arm when your creativity is ebbing.
  • Edit your best vines together into one Youtube video. This is a big trend on YouTube, and you can control it so that your YouTube videos heavily promote your Vine.

Here’s one of my favorite examples of a Vine video edit from Jerry Purpdrank and KingBach’s Air Jordan themed videos:

The more connections you make with people who like to watch video online, the more chances you have of making your Vine loops and followers shoot through the roof.


Feature image via LoopAll / Shutterstock