Pinterest Marketing Strategies and Tips for Repins and Likes

When it comes to Pinterest marketing strategies, I can tell that very few businesses are really making a plan and taking advantage of this incredible online marketing opportunity. Doing searches for a basic keyword, like “Pinterest marketing” shows me about 1,600 searches/month. “Facebook marketing” has around 18,100/month for comparisons sake.

And this is all despite the fact that Pinterest has some very interesting marketing statistics:

  • 52% of daily visitors consult Pinterest when making in-store purchasing decisions
  • The average sales order value for Pinterest referrals is $58.95
  • 47% of online shopper have made a purchase based on Pinterest activity

And still only 5% of small businesses even have a Pinterest account at all! Working on your Pinterest marketing strategies right now is your surest way to get ahead of your competition, and propel your online marketing goals.

10 Pinterest Marketing Strategies for more Repins and Likes!

1: Increase visibility by pinning from multiple sources. This will broaden your connections to other pinners, and create a more rounded Pinterest account. When others find you pinning their content they’re more likely to pin yours – you get what you give in the Pinterest world! This is especially important when you’re starting your Pinterest marketing strategies.

2: When you are repinning a pin from someone else, take a few moments to add your own comment and edit the description. This will help keep your brand voice consistent.

3: Only Repin pins which are already popular. You’re trying to make as many connections as possible with your Repins. Choosing to repin something that isn’t popular isn’t going to help your get more Repins or Likes on your own boards.

4: Fill out the category name for your Boards. Nameless boards have a harder time being found, and make for an unappealing homepage presentation. The names are there to let people know why they should click. This includes having a description of the board once people click. Check out this board from DC Comics. Without the description that it’s for the behind the scenes YouTube show fans would be confused what it’s for:

pinterest marketing strategies repins and likes

5: Use a call to action in your pin descriptions. This is the part of your Pinterest marketing strategies where you truly get to see more likes, repins, and click throughs. Each pin of your own should have some sort of call to action like “Repin if you agree!” Or “Like this Pin if you Like the picture!” “Click the link to learn more!” Keep it to one call to action per pin to avoid confusion.

6: Keep your hashtag use to a maximum of three per pin. Excessive hashtag use is my person number one reason for stopping my following of anyone on Pinterest. It is also rumoured that Pinterest’s search engines give lower ranks to pins that use this spammy tactic.

7: Consider mobile devices in your Pinterest descriptions. It’s estimated that 80% of Pinterest’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Counting the characters on my phones, you have about 100-125 characters on Android, and 75 – 100 character on iPhone to get your point across. Keep it to 100 to be sure that both popular mobile phones can read the most important part of your description.

8: Start your most important pins off right with a Repins and Likes purchase from Devumi. The concept of social proof is one which dictates how success breeds success. A pin with many Repins and Likes is more likely to drive natural users to Like and Repin it. This can be HUGE for new Pinterest marketing strategies that are starting out, as well as accounts which have been around and need a fresh kick! Use the service above to see for yourself how well this actually works, or read more about social proof if you’re unsure.

9: Stay current and post pins for holidays. While these pins are only useful for the time around the holiday, they can see tremendous number of Likes, Repins, and clicks. And guess what else? Next year they’ll still be there to drive your account all over again!

10: Guides, tutorials, and your fans are the best things you can start pinning right when you begin your Pinteresting marketing strategies. Guides and tutorials are a resource that people love to read and repin on their own boards. They want to appear to be helpful to their friends, and we all know how friends share interests. Pinning your fans is a great strategy too as they’re going to be very likely to repin and like your boards when they on them. Take this board from Marvel Comics as an example:

pinterest marketing strategies boards

Right now is your chance to start building your Pinterest marketing strategies and become a power account before your competition catches on. For even greater understanding of how well your Pinterest marketing is doing, I’d like to invite you to read my article on the Pinterest dashboard. You will need to learn continually if you want to succeed on Pinterest!


Feature image via Raw Pixel / Shutterstock