Should you Buy YouTube Subscribers? The Pros and Cons

Every decision you make about your YouTube channel will get you certain results – both positive and negative. Whether or not you should buy YouTube subscribers is a choice that you should weigh both the pros and cons of before jumping into it if you’re not already sure what to do.

This post will help guide you towards a decision through analysis of both sides of the debate. This will apply to whether you’re looking to purchase YouTube subscribers to start off your new channel, or if you’re in a rut and looking to buy YouTube subscribers to break out.


Should you buy YouTube Subscribers: Pros

The social proof is invaluable

Social proof is a psychological concept which looks at the behaviour of groups. The basic idea behind it is:

When you see a large enough group of people doing a certain action, you will be more likely to do it too.

Like when you’re online and you see lots of people talking about a new movie. You’re much more likely to go and see that movie too. Or when you’re walking around outside and you see a large lineup of people. You may not be inclined to join the line. It’s you’re certainly interested to know what is going on.

This principle applies directly to YouTube, and if you should buy Youtube subscribers, in that an account with lots of subscribers captures your attention. This is because you’re seeing a large group, all of the subscribers, and basing your reaction on it.

This works both ways. You can see a YouTube account with a low subscriber count and ignore it. We’ve all done that. This is where buying YouTube views help your new, or stagnant account grow. It’s more about buying a little social proof than it is about a number, which this guide to social proof in marketing can explain even better.

buy youtube subscriber increaseGrow and impress someone

This is sort of like the social proof idea above, but with a twist. This is when someone is aware of your channel when it has a lower subscriber count. They look at your low number, and move on.

Then you buy a few thousand subscribers and when they come back again they’re impressed and hit the subscribe button. This is sort of like the “Bandwagon Effect” you experience when your favourite team reaches the playoffs and suddenly everyone is cheering for them. These fans didn’t just discover the team – they were already aware of them. It took success, like growing your channel with purchased subscribers, to get them cheering!

It will increase your natural YouTube subscribers quicker

This is the instance where buying Youtube subscribers really pays off. YouTube channels without purchased subscribers experience much slower growth amongst their natural follow base. They lack both the social proof, and the bandwagon effect for real success.

The only time that accounts really take off quickly is if they hit some sort of viral nerve within the culture. Even that can be a bit unsustainable as one video doesn’t really make a channel and those people who showed up for one video can lose interest.

Buying YouTube subscribers will help you keep the attention of both potential and current subscribers – increasing your numbers naturally over time.

Buying YouTube subscribers gets new accounts off the ground

youtube projectorYour first few YouTube subscribers are going to be the hardest struggle you face. You and I have both passed over a channel because no one was following it. Time, as you well know, equals money.

All the time you’re waiting to grow your account at first is costing you money – specifically YouTube ad revenue. You need to buy a few thousand YouTube subscribers at least to get your account off the ground and on its way to being profitable, or advertising your product effectively.

The practice is more widespread than you think

There are already a number of brands, politicians, celebrities, and channels buying YouTube subscribers. They’ve already considered the above points and decided that it was worth the expense.

We highly recommend a YouTube subscribers service that with a good reputation of keeping customers anonymous. This ensures you grow your YouTube channel efficiently while avoiding bad press. It’s just an expense in the advertising and building of a brand, and that can be how you view it as well.

Should you buy YouTube Subscribers: Cons

You are not buying real YouTube subscribers

The YouTube subscribers that you buy are not going to actually participate in your channel in any way. You can purchase Youtube views from us, but that’s a different service. When you buy subscribers they will only be a number boosting your social proof. They won’t:

  • Buy your products
  • Comment on your videos
  • Visit your website
  • Share your video

They’re a number you’re buying to get other people to do those things more often and faster.

Purchased YouTube subscribers will not raise your Klout score

Klout is all about interaction with your audience. Purchased YouTube subscribers will not do much to increase your Klout score in any significant way. If you’re depending on Klout to measure your overall influence online, take this into consideration as you analyse your data. A little bit of proper figuring in your data before you purchase them will help you see where you’re at and will not impact you in any significant negative way.

buy youtube subscribersYou could be found out

The best providers of YouTube subscribers have a completely confidential service. This, unfortunately, can not be said for every provider out there. If you use a bad service and someone finds out you could suffer a slight to your image. This is why research is so important, and why dealing with a company with as many years under their belt as we have at Devumi is so important.

There are scams out there

Your chances of paying for YouTube subscribers and not getting YouTube subscribers went sky-high. Since the industry is so unregulated it has lead to people building cheap websites and ‘selling’ YouTube subscribers through them. We hate seeing that at Devumi, which is why we highly recommend you choose a provider that has excellent reviews and offers real views, something that


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