Should you Buy Retweets? The Pros and Cons

Every time you have a decision to make about how you’re going to grow your Twitter account, and your overall presence, is important. You can do things with the best of intentions and come out with both negative or positive results. Carefully weighing your options before you buy retweets is one consideration to put some thought into.

Read on to have a fair look at both sides of your buying retweets options. This advice will apply to you whether you’re a brand new account looking to grow your social proof numbers, or if you’re an established account looking to break out of a rut and reach follower goals. 

buy retweets prosShould you buy retweets: Pros

Social proof is more valuable than you may ever know

Social proof is a psychological, and sociological, concept which looks at the behavior of individuals in groups. To sum it up, when you see a large group of people all doing a similar act you’re much more prone to do that same act as well. It doesn’t have to be for anything complicated. A bunch of people looking right? You look right too.

This psychological concept applies directly to Twitter, and whether you should buy retweets, as well. A tweet which has many retweets is more prone to being retweeted. The actions of a large group influence you to hit the retweet button as well. I’m sure this tweet, the most retweeted of all time, received some retweets just because it already had lots:

Social proof works both ways. A specific tweet with few retweets, or accounts that don’t have much retweet action overall, can be ignored and never retweeted. I’m sure everyone on Twitter has ignored an account just because of its low numbers. When you buy retweets it helps you until you have that audience built, showing that this practice is more about buying a number than boosting your ego or any other stereotype like that.

For anyone who still isn’t sure about social proof, take a few minutes to go over our guide to using social proof for digital marketing. You will see even more examples of how social proof works in everyday life, and it’s true value for your Twitter marketing.

You need to constantly grow to keep people’s attention

 This is a twist on the social proof idea above. This idea about why you would want to buy retweets is when someone comes by your account, sees a low retweet rate, and decides not to follow you. If they see growth the next time they come by, indicating that you’re an active Twitter user, they’re more prone to follow and retweet you.

You can think of this as similar to the “Bandwagon Effect.” Remember when you spent all season long, rooting on your favorite team, and feeling like you were the only fan around? Then they made it to the playoffs and suddenly EVERYONE was a fan… That’s what this is like, those fans already knew about the team, but when they came back and saw that they were successful they got involved.

Planning to be successful, by buying retweets, is a way for you to use the bandwagon effect to your advantage. A quick package of 100 retweets could really show you the power of the bandwagon effect.

buy retweetsBuying retweets has been shown to increase natural retweets quicker

This is when buying retweets really starts to help grow your Twitter account. Twitter account with fewer retweets, regardless of how they get them, grow slower than those that do. Having your message spread is the only thing that matters on Twitter – retweets are a key to this.

Having one tweet go viral, and spur thousands of retweets is great, but it’s not sustainable. Having your tweets show regularly high levels of retweets pushes people in the direction of believing that they should retweet you too – this is where your Twitter account really starts to grow quicker.

Buying retweets helps a new account out TREMENDOUSLY

The worst thing you can be on Twitter is new with that big old 0 next to any aspect of your account. Zero followers. Zero tweets. Zero replies. Zero retweets. A new account is suffocated by its very newness, but if that account buys retweets it will see some huge benefits.

Every moment that you wait to grow your account is a moment wasted. You waste the opportunity of having more retweets get you more followers. You waste the opportunity of connecting with that one influencer who really helps you account. To not waste these moments we recommend a 1000 retweet package for new accounts to start their journey.

More people are buying retweets than you may think 

A number of brands, celebrities, politicians and ordinary people are already buying retweets. They have already taken the time to consider the above points and gone on to buy a retweets package.

Our entire Twitter package selection is completely anonymous, and this certainly includes all of our Twitter retweet packages. Think of it as another, small, expense in your advertising budget and use it to grow the same way as any other advertising expense.

Should you buy retweets: Cons

You are not buying organic retweets

 When you buy retweets you’re not buying fans or buying interested users, you’re buying a social metric gained via users that are probably not all that interested. When you buy a retweet package from us you won’t be getting direct retweets from people who will:

  • Make purchases of your products
  • Visit your website
  • Follow your account (Although buying followers will help this)
  • Push your online marketing agenda forward themselves

But with more retweets, you will gain more exposure and potentially attract more genuine retweets naturally, as well as gain more impressions and clicks from users that noticed your “popular” tweet.

Someone could find out

Devumi’s Retweets service is complete anonymous and confidential — results are always natural and you’re unlikely to be found out. However, this can’t be said for some other retweet service providers. Using a bad service that uses fake accounts can have a negative impact on your overall trustworthiness and authenticity if you are exposed as someone who has purchased retweets.

While we recommend using our service, if you do choose to move forward with another company, be sure to take the time to research them. We’ve been here for years at Devumi offering and optimizing our service to increase quality, effectiveness and authenticity.

There are retweet scams out there

Just as there is in every single industry in the world, there are buy retweet scams. Since the retweet service provider industry is so unregulated it has lead to many more fly-by-night websites being set up just to steal a few dollars.

Another important reason why you should choose to stick with our service. We’ve been offering Twitter Retweets and Favorites for over 5 years and have been rated as a top provider for retweets multiple times by independent reviewers.

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