4 Elements of Successful YouTube Marketing Videos

It may not seem like it, but all YouTube marketing videos that see any sort of success share common traits. You may not feel like that after watching marketing videos as diverse as, say, Old Spice’s brand of oddity against Home Depot’s ‘Do it Yourself’ videos. Underneath the content itself you’ll see similar tactics being used by these video to achieve their  success.

This article is going to look at those similarities so that you can tap into their potential as well. To really bring this alive, I’m going to show you actual video examples that use the concepts up for discussion. Get ready to press Play!

Have a variety of content available

What I mean when I say you should have a wide variety of content available isn’t to make a bunch of random videos. It’s about having a diverse collection of YouTube marketing videos in terms of:

  • Having many videos which follow your overall theme, but which explore different ways to present that information.
  • Having videos of differing lengths. Try to have everything from 30 seconds clips to 15 minute mini-documentaries.

Both of these elements of successful YouTube marketing videos help give your fans what they want when they want it. On a bus ride to town you may have time for a 15 minute video. When you’re trying to distract yourself from work, maybe a 3 minute video is better.

The other aspect of this is that you may have chosen to be a ‘How to’ video site. Some of your fans may respond better to How to videos that show people actually doing the work. Some other fans may respond better to more talking and explanation. Some may like whiteboard animations best.

Create a variety of YouTube marketing videos to see what they respond to best. This will help you get more views, and is a great complement to our YouTube views service.

Nike Football are famous for their videos starring the best athletes in world soccer. But did you also know that they showcase their Nike Football Academy to appeal to people the vast majority of amateur coaches and players? 

Integrating your YouTube marketing videos into your regular content

If you haven’t built a fluid relationship between your YouTube channel and your other marketing efforts, your YouTube marketing videos will forever be doomed to exist on an island.

It doesn’t cost you anything but time to take your video and incorporate it into a blog post, new website page, email blast, or other social media platform. This is the thing that people don’t understand about successful YouTube marketing channels. They don’t just happen. They’re pushed out over a wide variety of digital mediums by their creators until they succeed – and then they’re pushed again.

Blendtec was sure to include an aspect of their successful Will it Blend videos onto their webpage:

 youtube marketing videos blendtec

Now everyone who was actually just looking for a blender that comes across these hilarious videos will be captured as a new consumer of their videos. With this relationship built they’ll be sure to have a longer term interest than if they had just seen the website and moved on to making a purchasing decision. Your YouTube marketing videos are not just about marketing on YouTube, they’re about creating visual impressions that last everywhere your brand exists on the web.

Respond to your community when they respond to you

The most successful YouTube marketing videos weren’t created in a boardroom. They were created by fans on YouTube. Think about those Old Spice videos that were created in response to fan engagement. There are nearly 200 of them. That wasn’t a typo. Two hundred. Here’s one of my favorite examples:

 Those videos blew their account up, now nearly everyone uses some Old Spice product. It all started from planned community engagement. To go the extra mile, they connected all of these videos with a playlist. Viewers can sit back and watch hours of hilarity.

You don’t have to go to the same extent as Old Spice. Replying to comments is a good start. Mentioning fans in a video is another good step. But nothing says ‘I appreciate my fans’ like a video dedicated to them on the biggest video sharing platform.

YouTube advertising has many uses

Having an effective video content marketing plan also includes using paid avenues wisely. YouTube’s TrueView ads aren’t like Google’s Adwords. Click-through rates are found to be much higher if you’re delivering great content. Why’s that? Because people are on YouTube looking for video – and you’re going ‘Here’s a video for you to click on!’ without making them work.

How you use them is up to you. If you want to use them wisely be sure to have a strong call to action of some sort. It can be ‘go to our website,’ ‘please watch the whole video,’ ‘call the number now,’ or whatever else your marketing goal is.

The people behind a movie that I watch more often than I’d like to admit, and still causes me to laugh uncontrollably, is That’s My Boy. They had a simple winner of a TrueView ad with the YouTube-famous-before-SNL Andy Samberg:

Combat the skipping problem by, well, telling people not to skip:

 You got me, another movie I watch very, very often and die laughing at. There, you’ve learned about YouTube marketing videos AND my sense of humour today.

Try out this car insurance commercial for a more…non-movie star money idea:

Rewarding your viewers with a laugh is a great strategy in your YouTube marketing videos that use TrueView ads. Be sure that you’re not using any of your ordinary YouTube marketing videos, tweak them slightly so that they work best on TrueView.

Feature image from brux/ Shutterstock.