Pinterest Promoted Pins Are Now Available to Everyone

Pinterest Promoted Pins have been around for quite a few months now. I first wrote about them back in October. At that time, Pinerest promoted pins were made available to a select group of brands.

Pinterest has now revealed that all users, even private individuals, can now use Pinterest Promoted Pins for whatever they choose. Gear up, Etsy lovers! This opens up whole new avenues for generating leads, clicks, and revenue on Pinterest.

pinterest promoted pins imageTo keep things looking sharp, I’m going to post some pins in this article that all have a common theme. Read through to the end of the article and see if you can guess what it is.

Pinterest Promoted Pins – Not just for brands anymore

Pinterest rolled this out quietly when no one was listening on Dec 28, and made the new Pinterest Promoted Pins feature live to US-based partners on January 1. This has huge potential for every single Pinterest user that wants to better display their crafts, new products, or big achievements.

The eight month long beta test that Pinterest conducted found some surprising data that marketers should take note of:

  • Pinterest Promoted Pins had performance equal to or greater than organic pins – showing that users like promoted pins being displayed to them.
  • It was found that Pinterest Promoted Pins were evergreen, meaning they kept performing after a campaign was over. This isn’t the case with a promoted tweet or Facebook post, they are quickly buried under a glut of content.
  • A wide range of brands found success across many categories – finances, food, auto.

These three points are excellent examples of why Pinterest Promoted Pins are going to be big for brands. There is one pinterest pin advertisementmore point that I’d like to highlight, and I’m going to cut and paste it directly from their blog post so you know it’s true:

“Brand advertisers achieved about a 30% bump in earned media (free impressions!) from their campaigns. That’s from people who saw a Promoted Pin and thought it was good enough to save to one of their own boards.”

That basically translates to if you spend $1000 on your Pinterest Promoted Pins, you’ll get an additional $300 worth of free advertising on top of that $1000 worth. More people see the pin, more people pin it to their boards forever! This is why our repins service is so popular – more pins is always better.

Pinterest Promoted Pins are joined by the Pinstitute

With all of the interest in (sigh) Pinterest Promoted Pins, the company has dedicated themselves to helping people better understand how to use them. This will be an ongoing endeavour as they seek to expand upon their current offering with better targeting, and more format options.

With this in mind, the Pinstitute will be enacted to help brands, and private marketers, understand how they can use Pinterest Promoted Pins. They also plan on helping users connect with one another through shared interests as they learn.

The Pinstitute will be presented in two formats:

  1. An invite only event held quarterly for major bands and agencies. They will exchange ideas, do some workshops, and meet the Pinterest team.
  2. Small business owners, and everyone else, can get in on a series of webinars. Other online learning tools will also be available so that even if you’re not one of the chosen few, you can still learn just as much as anyone else.

pinterest pin adI admire Pinterest’s goal of not only learning more about how their own company performs, but to share it with everyone. As brands and agencies teach one another about better Pinterest Promoted Pins, they’re ready to teach all of us as well!

If you haven’t guessed the theme of my three pins yet, don’t worry. It’s kind of a trick – the three pins are all ads for products or websites! Each one made me click it and see what it was about. This shows that Pinterest has tremendous potential – and Pinterest Promoted Pins have even more!

For all those reading out there – I like comic books, basketball and tasty deserts. My Pinterest board reflects this, and so do the Pinterest Promoted Pins I’m shown!

Basketball pin found here.
I am Iron Man.
Oreo pin from here.

Feature image via Syda Productions / Shutterstock