How to Get More SoundCloud Followers in 7 Easy Steps!

You want to get more SoundCloud followers, like everyone else on the music sharing platform, but how exactly do you do that? The days of having a great album and an entertaining live show as the sole needs of an upcoming artist are over. You need an online strategy, and SoundCloud can be a part of that.

In order to get more SoundCloud followers for all of your songs, I’m going to give you seven steps to follow. Each one is an important aspect of the overall scheme, but you can pick and choose which one you use: Except for number one!

How to get more SoundCloud followers for your account

1. Put your money where your music is – get a paid account

Everyone seems to think that they can get great services online for nothing. This isn’t the case on SoundCloud as those on paid plans get more out of their account. Forbes estimates that 95% of accounts are free, this is an easy way to standout.

Remember back in the day when you paid to have CDs pressed? This is the online digital equivalent, except you don’t have to go stand outside concerts and hand them out. SoundCloud offers global distribution, a little money gets your music heard around the world. Here is what is on offer from SoundCloud:

soundcloud pro account plans

A little money can go a long way to push your career forward, just like with our SoundCloud follower plans.

2. Create a Favorites list

The easiest way to get more SoundCloud followers is to remember that SoundCloud is as much a social media platform as it is a music sharing source. This isn’t Napster, you can interact with fans of your music. Doing some basic interaction via SoundCloud’s Favorites list is easy:

  1. Go to your dashboard and see what other people you’re following are listening to.
  2. Save the tracks that you actually like to your own Favorites list.
  3. Contact those musicians and let them know you enjoyed their music enough to add it to your Favorites list.

The bands you add can promote this playlist keep their own fans engaged. Fans of the bands you have favorited can also see your activity and check you out. This is where you start building connections all across SoundCloud, and the key for your band to get more SoundCloud followers is all about connections – just like in the real world.

3. Have a great image

No, no, no. I don’t mean an image as in how your band portrays itself. I mean the image that you use as your avatar! This is used on your homepage, and is what part of the popup when people hover over one of your tracks. So many musicians think that these details don’t matter, and that their music should do all the ‘talking.’ These are musicians that no one looks at twice!

Here’s an excellent example of an avatar from Kid Ink. It has his face, an interesting pose, those tattoos all his fans know, and most importantly his name and latest album:

kid ink get more soundcloud followers

Here’s an example of a terrible avatar from Big K.R.I.T. where you have no idea who the person in the picture is, even if you’re a fan and especially at tiny thumbnail size, and it says nothing about a name or album:

bigkrit bad soundcloud avatar

It’s a great picture, but it’s a terrible avatar. All that empty space could have been taken up by his name, his latest album (which comes out in less than a week), and something interesting. Here’s my take on it using the same photo:

how to get more soundcloud followers with better avatar

See how that could help you get more SoundCloud followers? It took me less than five minutes to do that once I had his logo, and now you know for sure who it is. I call this image “Heavy is the head which wears the crown” Big K.R.I.T., hit me up if you want some design help on that page.

4. Leave real comments on other tracks

First things first: If you’re thinking of going onto other people’s tracks and saying anything along the lines of:

“Yo, dope track. Check out my account for stuff like this.”

Be prepared for not only the sound of crickets, but for some possible abuse. This is totally pointless as no one, ever in the history of the world, wants to be told what music to listen to.

You need to make real comments that really matter and that show you as an expert in the music, or at least as someone who knows what they’re talking about. Remember that this is another link building opportunity. You want your links to have merit, weight, and importance to them. Otherwise, well, you’ll be ignored.

5. Join a few SoundCloud groups

Every type of music out there has a few groups where fans get together and talk about music. You can join as many groups as you want for free, so why not join up? You’re free to send your tracks there for inclusion in the group, an easy way to get more SoundCloud followers in a natural way!

You can also start up your own groups to truly get more SoundCloud followers of your own as you control the flow of music. As with most things in the music industry, start local and build from there. Don’t start a group named “Dope Hip-Hop.” Start a group named “Hip-Hop artists from Atlanta” to see it grow quicker as you have a better focus.

You’ll not only build connections on SoundCloud, but you can also meet up with more of these people in real life. Never music noteunderestimate the power of linking from the online world to a real handshake.

6. Tag your face off

Yes, tagging your musical genre is the easy move here. The next step is tagging:

  • Record labels with similar bands
  • Bands who sound similar to you
  • Radio stations that play your music
  • For DJs; tag the producers and artists you sample

This is a case of more tags being better, but only if they’re relevant. Don’t tag yourself as “Drake” if you sound like Justin Bieber. Actually, don’t tag yourself at all if you sound like Justin Bieber. We already have one and that’s plenty, thank you!

7. Widgets for when you want to get more SoundCloud followers

See what I did there? Three ‘w’s – www. The web is built on connections being established across multiple platforms, and widgets for SoundCloud is how you will do this. You can get more SoundCloud followers by including your widgets on your:

  • Website
  • WordPress blog
  • Facebook page

Check out below where I keep up an ongoing Devumi tradition and post a track for every SoundCloud article. Do you want to know how hard it was to embed that? I found the song I wanted, copied the URL, and pasted it on its own line without hyperlinking it. That was all! WordPress makes this easy, you can find out more about SoundCloud widgets on their website.

If you want to learn even more SoundCloud tactics, check out our Alternative Guide to SoundCloud Marketing article. You’ll learn things not discussed here!

As always, here’s an older track that I just found on SoundCloud from Ill Skillz of Cape Town, South Africa. Offensive Language Warning:

Feature image via dwphoto / Shutterstock