The Pinterest Analytics Dashboard Tools: How to Use Them

Pinterest has huge potential as a social media marketing platform. The updates that have gone into the Pinterest Analytics dashboard will make this even more obvious, and help business accounts on Pinterest thrive. It may never take all the marketing dollars away from Twitter and Facebook accounts, but you will certainly see a great ROI on Pinterest if you start using their analytics dashboard correctly.

Pinterest Analytics – Go beyond basic demographics

It’s hard to argue that Pinterest isn’t a female-dominated demographic. Claims of around 92% of all pins being done by women, and 80% of all users being women, are common statistics. This, of course, doesn’t quite tell you enough to really take advantage of what Pinterest has to offer.

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What you can learn from this demographic is that Pinterest is a place where people go to plan future purchases – some they may make very soon, some they may never make without a lottery winning.

How can you prove this and show you ROI from Pinterest marketing? That’s where the Pinterest Analytics dashboard comes into its own.

Pinterest Analytics as a tool

The basic Pinterest Analytics tool has been hanging around since March of 2013. It analyzed the performance of images on your Pinterest better pinterest analytics means more arrows going up!account by measuring:

  • Clicks
  • Reach
  • Repins
  • Visits
  • Who is repinning your content

This, of course, is invaluable data about Pinterest all on its own. The problem with it was the visual presentation, and how difficult it was to use. Facebook has it down to a science – perfect presentation, easy for any CEO walking by to check on, and simple to dig deep in. Pinterest Analytics’ first incarnation? Not so much!

That is the reason behind the revamp of the Pinterest Analytics dashboard to its current configuration.

The current Pinterest Analytics dashboard

The Pinterest Analytics Dashboard will now help your brand understand how fans are interacting with your content. The first piece of information you’re presented with is your overall reach across Pinterest. You get the big picture first, and can then break it down by:

  • The number of clicks for each piece of content
  • Impressions for your pins
  • Likes that images receive
  • How this information changes over time

pinterest logoThis is much like how the old Pinterest Analytics worked, but with a new and better interface.

They didn’t stop at a mere cosmetic go over, the current Pinterest Analytics Dashboard will also let you:

  • Gain insights in other behavior of your fans
  • Break fans down by country, gender, language spoken
  • Discover the most popular categories of pins amongst their followers

With this information you’ll be even more capable of creating Pinterest campaigns that appeal to your users, find new fans, and make your ROI even better as you focus on the people that really matter. It can also be a great opportunity to see how our Pinterest followers service increases your page’s overall activity.

Using the Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

Any business on Pinterest can use Pinterest analytics for free. Pinterest wants you on their platform and using it as effectively as possible. With its improved layout, and better data presentation with the current layout, businesses will be better able to justify their Pinterest marketing budget and increase their ROI.

This is because having more data on the users who choose to follow you is a good thing. But more data that is easy to understand and practically does your job for you? Well, that’s just dandy, and that’s what the current Pinterest Analytics Dashboard gives you.

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Not only can the Pinterest Dashboard help you market better on Pinterest, but the focus on specific products can help you determine which products you want to keep around and sell, and which may need to find their way to the discount bin. This real-world use of Pinterest can prove invaluable as it shapes your business right from where it matters – from your fans!

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