Get More YouTube Subscribers with these 5 Tips!

You have a YouTube Channel and you want to get more YouTube subscribers, but getting them isn’t so simple. There are thousands and thousands of there channels out there who want to be a success too. Get a leg up on them and read these five tips that will help you get more YouTube subscribers quickly! Give me a call when you’re YouTube famous.


1. Use a Call-to-Action and Simply Ask For More Subscribers

You’ll never know how easy it is to get your regular viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel until you simply start asking them to with a simple call to action via an audio cue, with a visual back up. Here’s how you can construct a simple call to action that gets more YouTube subscribers with each YouTube video view:

  • Tell your viewers what to do: “Please subscribe to my channel…”
  • Tell your viewers how to do this: “…by clicking the button in the upper right hand corner…”
  • Tell your viewers why: “…so that you get to see all of my latest awesome videos!”

You will, of course, want to spice that up to fit your specific video content. To give you an example of a YouTuber using a call to action with a pop up subscriber button, check out this screenshot of Michael Buckley, from his 1 million strong channel “What the Buck.” He goes on a long rant about wanting to get to 2 million subscribers by 2015, and says “Thanks for subscribing, tell your friends!” You can see the “Subscribe” button in the lower right hand corner:

get more youtube subscribers with a call to action

2. Use YouTube Annotations

YouTube annotations are the little pop up messages that appear during a YouTube video. Some are clickable, some are not. As I discussed above, you can use them in conjunction with a call to action, but they can be used on their own to get more YouTube subscribers.

Besides adding a YouTube annotation that encourages subscribers directly to subscribe, as discussed above, you can add ones which:

  • Direct YouTube users to other videos, giving you another chance to get them to subscribe.
  • Direct YouTube users to your channel homepage, giving them the chance to watch all your videos and subscribe there.
  • Direct people to you social media pages where they can like and follow you. This is not a way to get more YouTube subscribers, but you still capture them for continued exposure to your content.

The Internet, as you well know, is all about clicking. The more opportunities you give your viewers to click on your content, the more chances you have of capturing their subscriptions. Be careful with your annotations, don’t end up looking like this:

how not to get more youtube subscribers

3. Connect Your YouTube Channel To Your Website

You have people showing up on your blog and website all the time who are interested in you and your content. Including a YouTube widget that connects your YouTube channel to your website or blog is another great way to get more YouTube subscribers, and to continue making those connections that I was talking about above.

There are a few ways that you can do this:

  1. Installing a subscription widget in the sidebar of your website/blog. It’s always there, and people can click it any time. This works best with a blog that has your videos embedded in it. Learn more about embedding the YouTube widget here.
  2. Give your blog readers a call to action that invites them to visit your YouTube channel and subscribe.
  3. Include a link to your subscriber button in the “More Info” area so that when people view it on your website they have further incentive to subscribe.

This will allow you to leverage your website traffic into people who subscribe and watch your videos.

4. Have Fun With Your Viewers and Build a Community

I had my say before about the horror that can be the YouTube comments section, but if used correctly you can truly build a community. Getting more YouTube subscribers via this community is easy as these fans are more likely to share your content (look through all of my YouTube articles, see a trend in who I talk about? They’re all channels that I subscribe to!), while a big following gives you more social proof – social proof that you can build on once you start off with one of our YouTube subscribers packages.

Build your Youtube channel’s community, and get more YouTube subscribers by trying these tips out periodically:

  • Be consistent. The best communities know when you’re going to post and show up to watch and interact.
  • Interact with other YouTube channels. This puts your name into other communities. DO NOT SPAM. Watch their video, make a useful comment.
  • Interact with your fans. The comments are there for a reason, you can either reply directly, or take the best comments and talk about them in your next video.
  • Create a payoff for your subscribers – give them a reward when you reach a certain number of YouTube subscribers. If you’re a business, offer them 10% off a product when you reach your subscriber goal. Offer a funny video of you dancing like a fool. Make a donation to a relevant charitable organization. Be creative, share your goal subscriber number and what you’ll do – and you had better ‘pay up’ when the time comes!

You can get more YouTube subscribers by stumbling along, but setting goals, giving rewards, and interacting with other communities is the quickest way to get there. For an example of someone who is incredibly consistent (Mon – Thurs to the tune of over 1300 videos) with great interactions with other users and fans, check out sxephil himself, Philip deFranco:

5. Start Interacting And Collaborating

This is a bit of an old school technique to get more YouTube subscribers, but it’s pretty easy to do and gets results. The simplest way to get this started is by simply mentioning another YouTube channel in your video and talking about what they have talked about. Maybe you have a different point of view, maybe you share their opinion. Send the channel you’re mentioning a message, either in their comments or by email, and see if you can get their attention.

The more difficult way to go about this is by asking well known YouTubers to appear in your videos. This can be costly as some of the more well known ones make a decent living and won’t be looking to give up their time for free. This is why I recommend the step above first, you have to show them that you know about them and have something to offer. A share of your audience could be that currency.

The one with the most bang, and the most difficulty, is collaborating on a big project with other YouTubers. When some of the biggest channels get together they create brilliant content, share their audience, and get more YouTube subscribers on all of their accounts.

A hilarious example of this is when Epic Rap Battles of history had Snoop Dogg play Moses. Snoop was able to advertise his WestFestTV channel, and we all had So. Much. Fun. Snoop does what he does in this video, fair warning:

The annotations at the end of this video are also of note.

Don’t worry if you don’t have “Guest starring Snoop Dogg” money or influence, you can still find people in your industry to work with who want to increase their YouTube subscribers as you both will get more YouTube subscribers as you work together and share audiences.

If you want to help people get more YouTube views, check out our affiliate program to learn how you can do this, while earning money yourself.

Feature image via Vasin Lee / Shutterstock