Maximize your YouTube Views with these 6 Creative Ideas

Getting a bunch of YouTube views is the goal of many online marketing plans that incorporate this popular social media platform. YouTube views can help you push your marketing goals, drive conversions and build a loyal following. All this can come from the simple act of someone pushing the play button.

How can you maximize your YouTube views and have greater chances at success? Read on and consider these 6 tips.

Increase your YouTube views by partnering with successful users

Looking around to find other people who are successful and partnering with them can help drive traffic to your Youtube channel, website, or anywhere else you want people to go. Examples of what you can do include:

  • Give them free samples
  • Sponsor them to use your logo in their videos
  • Ask them to give an honest review of your products
  • Have them mention your brand in a video during a relevant talk
  • Work on a video collaboration together

Reach out to those who do hair and makeup tutorials if you’re in the cosmetics industry. Send a message to guitar instructional video creators if you’re at all in the music business. Get hold of a gossip vlog if you’re in entertainment. There are many options to gain YouTube views from these types of sources. Find the one that best fits your brand.

A successful example of this working is with Phillip DeFranco who frequently features brands in his videos. Check out this example of him giving a shout out to a sponsor mid-video. It works because he keeps it in the same style of speech. You can tel he isn’t reading from someone else’s cue card. His broad topic base makes for a broad list of sponsors he could work with:

You can work with people like Phil to get more YouTube views, and grow your channel.

Turn every YouTube view into a possible conversion by linking to your website

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is surprising how many people don’t take every opportunity to invite people to check out their website for sales and more information. Your online marketing strategy must be holistic and incorporate all of your online platforms.

A step everyone should take is to say, at the end of every video, something as simple as “Stop by our website for more information.” For greater interaction during a video, try using YouTube’s Annotations to get people clicking as they watch. Try to link up visual and auditory calls to action as often as you can. Also include a link below in the description. Do this and watch your website stats grow along with your YouTube views!

Increase your views with a YouTube views service

Our YouTube views service is primarily used by those just starting out who wish to get their numbers up from zero quickly. One of the hardest things you can do online is start from zero and build up as you will have very little social proof.

Those with few views and subscribers are seen as untrustworthy. Those first few views give others confidence that your site is legit. That is the point of a YouTube views service, it increases natural views by boosting your number quickly.

Get more YouTube views by being creative

Bland videos do not get YouTube views. The market on YouTube is saturated, 60 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute! That’s one hour per second! How do you stand out amongst this onslaught?

You have to be creative! Use graphics, think outside of the ‘here are our products, look how great they are’ box, be funny, hire a freelance writer to help you develop ideas, and don’t ever use traditional television style marketing techniques.

Gain YouTube views by creating easy content: Feature your fans and customers

Your biggest fans are the ones watching your videos, sharing them on other social media platforms and doing some of your marketing work for you. Why not give some of them a big thank you and feature them in a video on your channel? It can be a great community building experience as other viewers want their moment of fame and begin to work hard to be recognized as well. Plus, it’s easy content to produce.

This can also include customers. Wade into the questions and complaints bin, find some interesting comments, and directly speak to the people involved. This type of marketing can also be a bit of customer service, a bit silly, and very useful for driving views.

An age old YouTube tradition which plays right into this is thank you videos at certain view count milestones. Here’s a perfect example from Smosh. It’s a bit of a thank you, and a bit of bonus content:

Your last step to more YouTube views

The last step to take is to look at all of the above suggestions and be consistent. Don’t shoot a bunch of video and put 5 up one week and then not be around for 3 weeks. YouTube viewers want consistent entertainment, provide it and they’ll keep coming back. One video a week could be all you need!