How to Tweet: 4 Tips for new Twitter Users and Small Businesses

Your business has worked hard to put together a Twitter marketing plan, execute it, and build up a following. Do you know how to tweet in a way that isn’t hurting your Twitter business accounts growth? More importantly, do you know how to tweet in a way that won’t lower your following overnight?

Here is a how to tweet tutorial that tells you what not to say in those 140 characters, and how to properly communicate with a growing following.

How to tweet tip 1: Twitter is not a place to use traditional marketing tactics

Never, ever, in the entire time you have a Twitter business account, think that you can tweet out: “The products at Company X are awesome, come to our store to buy them!” This will turn you into someone viewed as a spammer quicker than you can say ‘unfollow.’

Unfortunately, this tactic is all too often used by new businesses and small businesses alike. Yes, you’re going to want to market your product. Yes, you’re going to want drive conversions and make sales. Your challenge is finding out how to tweet your message without being just another marketer trying to make a sale. Here are examples for a business selling funny shirts:

  • Do you think this shirt is funny? What are your thoughts?
  • Have a funnier shirt idea for a shirt than this? Reply with comments!

You’re drawing attention to your funny shirts, telling people what they are, and engaging people to use their minds in a way that offers them entertainment and a challenge.

How to tweet tip 2: Keep your tweets as short as possible

You know all about the 140 character limit, right? If you’re like me (a long form writer, and occasional windbag) you’re use to writing out longer explanations and marketing materials about your products. You may try to fill up everyone of those character to get your point across, but this is a bad practice

It has been found that shorter tweets have a much higher engagement rate. This is because it easily allows people the chance to add in their own thoughts, mentions and retweets. It is also quicker to see and ascertain at a glance when it is short message.

What is a target length, here’s an opinion from

How to tweet tip on tweet length: 71-100 characters.

Tweet length recommendation from

How to tweet tip 3: Using #hashtags wisely

New Twitter users, and small businesses, all too often like using too many hashtags. Some will even go so far as to make nearly every word in a tweet a hashtag! That is definitely not how to tweet out your message!

The maximum number of hashtags you should use in one tweet is 3. Do you have more hashtags that you want to use? Great! Use them in other tweets and space out your chances of catching someone’s eye. Like how the @Devumi Gorilla did with this tweet:

He sued two hashtags that cut right to the main points he wanted to connect with. Good job, you smelly ape.

How to tweet tip 4: How many tweets to send out a day, and the end of rapid tweeting

I want to put every business, organization, and Twitter user out there on notice: if you send out more than 4 tweets an hour you’re meeting my unfollow button! One of the worst examples of this is a local NGO I follow who at one time would send out 20 or more tweets all in a row!

The general rule to follow is one an hour, and up to 8 in a day. If you’re a big company with very engaging content you could possible get away with more. Check up on your engagement reports in your history to see what rate has been working and stick with it. Exhausting your audience by posting it as often as possible will quickly lead to them on following you. They have other things to do.

Other ideas on how to tweet and grow your business

There are a number of helpful articles here on this site, and around the web, that can help your Twitter marketing plan. You can look at an article on the best time to tweet, one on how to handle negative comments, or this one on Twitter lead generation cards for small business.

It’s a big world in those 140 characters. Follow the advice above to build a base of knowledge, then continue to read to develop yourself into an expert on how to tweet!