The Advantages of Buying Twitter Followers

The advent of Twitter has brought huge benefits to the business and marketing worlds. This simple, quick and easy to use social media tool has brought about tremendous sales, marketing opportunities and ways to interact with fans. Is buying Twitter followers a route you wish to take with your business to increase your social credibility? If you’re unsure as to why you’d want to do this, here are some valid reasons which will show you the advantages of why it will work for you.

Success breeds more success when you buy Twitter followers

The absolute key to really taking off and achieving success is by looking successful. Think of buying Twitter followers as buying a new suit for your next interview – you look good, you feel good, and people see this and are more apt to hire you on. The same goes for Twitter followers, if you have a large following people are more apt to join in as they see you as trustworthy.

This relates to your social credibility and influence. Twitter is a simple online community where numbers equal power. Using a Twitter followers service is a way to give you a quick leg up and propel you towards success.

Increase your Twitter followers naturally

1434154020_twitterThe perceived success you enjoy from buying even as few as 5,000 Twitter followers from us is known as social proof. You obtain social proof through both buying followers, and by letting your numbers grow naturally. It doesn’t matter how you get them as social proof is all about the number. Gilad Lotan wrote on the LA Times about his experience buying followers and how it impacted his real followers:

Over time, I also started seeing an increase in the number of my actual followers. This could be because Twitter started pushing out more notifications to its users. It could also be a factor of perceived credibility. When a stranger viewed my profile, my large number of followers made me look more credible.

Purchasing a few followers is your chance to start off a great online party and have more people attracted to it naturally. You will still have to use:

But with a bit more social proof through purchasing followers you’ll be much more likely to retain natural any leads you obtain using the above tactics. This is a huge advantage as it helps you maximize your every Twitter marketing effort.

Start a new Twitter account

Twitter has been going strong for a number of years. There are many online brands that have been using it since it began. If you’re starting your Twitter account today you’re already way behind! How far behind? Some of the most popular accounts include:

  • Katy Perry: 93 million, the most followed user on all of Twitter.
  • CNN: 28 million, making it one of the most popular sources for news.
  • YouTube: 64 million followers, a great place for video content on the go.

Buying Twitter followers can be a tool you use to catch up with these powerhouses! There are fewer things that are harder than starting from zero, buying followers in these instances is an advantage which you can not overlook.

We all hear you, @lazyymind! A quick kick start from a Twitter followers service can be just what you need to establish your online presence and grow naturally from there. Why struggle for months with a handful of followers and low credibility when you can get your campaign off and running quickly?

Getting ready for a BIG push

We all have Twitter marketing goals. Many of us set the goal of having more followers at certain times. These times typically coincide with some sort of off-Twitter marketing push, such as a sale, new store opening, approaching event, etc.

Getting your account ready for these big pushes, where your goal is getting more followers, can be greatly helped by buying more followers before you start. Many of the people your Twitter account will encounter have never heard or seen you before: They’re new followers, that’s what you should expect! The advantage of buying Twitter followers at these times is that you can push your numbers higher, giving your account momentum, and prompting tweets like this:

Reaching milestones gives you momentum, and this can capture even more followers as you make your push. Who doesn’t want to follow an account which is growing and can make boasts like the one above? Don’t underestimate the advantage of using a follower service to get momentum before a big push for followers which really brings in real followers who are excited by your accomplishments.

Is buying Twitter followers your next marketing move?

If you have ever thought of buying twitter followers for your business account, the above reasons we looked at above are why you’d want to do it:

  • Success breeds more success, it’s all about looking when it comes to getting more followers.
  • You are better able to attract followers naturally once you buy followers as social proof comes into play.
  • New accounts are starved for followers, and buying some will get your account growing now rather than later.
  • Your next big marketing push needs momentum to get going. Break a milestone when you buy followers, show off a bit, and watch real followers flock to you.

Carefully consider your options and see if it is the right decision for your company. Remember to use our trusted Twitter followers service so that you have the best experience possible.