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Order YouTube Views

Order YouTube Views

Order YouTube Views

100% Real Views. Geo-Targeting. Optional Extras.

Let Devumi Promote Your YouTube Video Today

Gain more views with Devumi, the highest rated and most trusted YouTube video marketing provider. Using our unique, safe and hyper-optimized marketing tactics, we’ll attract real viewers, engagements and shares to your videos with guaranteed results, starting in as quick as 24 hours.

With over 4 Billion Views delivered to over 145,000 videos, we’ve already helped thousands of YouTubers, Professionals and Businesses achieve success on YouTube.

Devumi YouTube Gorilla

The Devumi Advantage

✔ 100% Real & Relevant Viewers — Guaranteed
✔ Safe & Proven Marketing Techniques
✔ High Retention Rate (at least 80%)
✔ Region Targeted Views (Optional)
✔ Organic Likes included + options for more
Sponsored Mentions™ service for targeted social buzz
✔ Confidential, Anonymous and White-Label Results
✔ Kickass 24/7 Customer Support
✔ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Attention YouTube Partners: To avoid any potential complications with our service, please disable monetization on your video throughout your campaign. You can re-enabled monetization once we your Devumi campaign is completed.

YouTube Likes & Shares (Extra)

Don’t leave your Video Engagements up to chance. We can deliver guaranteed YouTube Like and Shares on your video, alongside your views. All engagements are performed manually by human beings using real, aged & verified YouTube Accounts.

Organic Likes — All orders include our Organic Likes option, which delivers a small amount of likes to your video, proportional to your views order. Organic likes amounts vary, but may range from 20 to 1,000 Likes.

YouTube Likes and Comments

Sponsored Mentions for YouTube

Sponsored Mentions (Extra)

Our Sponsored Mentions service will increase your video’s social exposure by getting Verified Influencers on Twitter & Facebook promoting your video to their thousands of real, targeted followers & fans. An awesome way to get targeted exposure and attract more viewers and (in rare cases) get your video going viral! Add this option to your campaign, starting at $50.

Sponsored Mentions for YouTubeOur Sponsored Mentions service is a Premium Twitter Marketing service that gets verified influencers (that we’ve partnered with) promoting your YouTube video to their active, targeted followers.

This helps:
(1) Give Your Video Targeted Exposure
(2) Attract Genuine, Targeted Views
(3) Strengthen Social Credibility & Reputation
Plans & Pricing, Explained
Our plans are based on a single factor: How many people do you want to be exposed to?

Influencers Avg. Impressions Price
25k Social Reach 3 – 4 25,000 – 100,000 $50
($0.50 – $2 CPM)
50k Social Reach 3 – 5 50,000 – 200,000 $80
($0.40 – $1.6 CPM)
100k Social Reach 4 – 7 100,000 – 400,000 $120
($0.30 – $1.20 CPM)
250k Social Reach 5 – 10 250,000 – 1MM $250
($0.25 – $1 CPM)
500k Social Reach 8 – 14 500,000 – 2MM $500
($0.25 – $1 CPM)
1MM Social Reach 10 – 20 1MM – 4MM $1,000
($0.25 – $1 CPM)

Target AudienceSmart Targeting
We’ll match your account with the best qualified influencers in our private 5,000+ Influencer Network. Targeting is based on your videos niche, and is approved by those influencers promoting it. If there is not clear target audience (it appeal to most people), we’ll have general influencers promote your campaign.

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183 reviews for YouTube Views

  1. :

    Excellent service and overall experience. The moment I ordered, I felt the difference between Devumi and other companies. A Devumi rep sent me an personal email right away with more info and give me a few options on how I wanted views delivered. I choose their quicker method and it worked great. I received over 1,200,000 views in about 1 month (at a super high 96% retention), and tons of likes, comments and subscribers. Nothing else comes close to Devumi. I completely understand why they’re so high rated. An easy 6 Star service.

  2. :

    High quality, great retention and a nice mix of countries, with the US being at the top. The price is alittle more than I’m used to but the quality is second to none for sure.

  3. :

    I bought this package back in August for 500,000 views. At first, it started well with about 2,000 to 6,000 views a day. After about 1 month, I only had about 135,000 views. I asked Devumi to speed this up and they did: 4,000 to 8,000 views a day. It ended up taking about 4 months to complete (longer than the 3 month promise). Other than that, GREAT company. I gained likes, comments and shares while the service was running (i didn’t buy these) and gained a few hundred new subscribers. Far better than I could have expected but could improve on the speed or adjust their turnaround time.

  4. :

    By far the best FAST youtube views service out there. I’ve been using Devumi for over 4 months and I’ve never run into an issue.

  5. :

    Purchased the half a million views and started getting 20k~30k views a day, alongside tons of likes. The views were really good quality and Devumi’s support team was so helpful. Highly recommended!

  6. :

    Devumi has become my one stop shop to boost my social media. This YouTube videos service, combined with their Retweets works really well to boost my video’s overall ranking. Easily 5 stars.

  7. :

    Very good service. Good price and best quality. THANK YOU!

  8. :

    I ordered a million youtube views in July and just had it completed today. First of all, the support and attention I received throughout the campaign was fantastic. German was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and helped me customize the campaign to meet my needs.

    The views themselves were top notch. They were form all over, but mostly from the US. There was a good retention rate (about 87%).

    Overall, excellent experience. Will be using again!

  9. :

    Solid service. good results. No drops. price is a little high but worth it. 5 stars!

  10. :

    Great customer support as they respond fast, took lil longer than i thought but still in timely manner.